A great week!

Written by: Maringa

May 9, 2021

Today is Mother's Day and I have been spoiled all weekend!

For all mothers, grandmothers, stepmothers, mothers-in-law, foster mothers, bonus mothers, would-be mothers, mothers of angels and basically any woman who loves like a mummy....
Enjoy today! And above all, love yourself!

11 Weeks since my operation, and I keep saying, how happy I am with this step!
Not only have I lost over 14 kg in weight. I have energy again, I can go for walks or scooters with Kamala and Mudley and my body hurts a lot less!

And since this week, after 3.5-4 years, I can wear my wedding ring again! It is those little things that make the difference

Always heppie de peppie?

I also have my worse moments, strange moments and hormones running wild because my body is still adjusting to the new situation.

For example, last Thursday, at work, I suddenly had a terrible cramp in my stomach area out of the blue. It was so bad that I had to sit down and relax.... I felt so bad. It wasn't dumping, at least it didn't feel like it. But what then? After a painkiller, the pain did go down a little, but it still didn't go away. So I went back to help my colleagues. In the end, on the way home, I called the GP's office because it continued to hurt. Since I was able to drive home on my own and could speak clearly, I did not have to go to the GP's surgery, but I did have to keep an eye on it and call again if it got worse.
When I got home, I sat up until half past twelve. The pain/cramp remained but did not get worse. So I went to bed but it took at least until 2.30 a.m. before I fell asleep. Fortunately, the next day there was nothing more to worry about... Very strange!

A great week!

But this week was a good and fun week!

Appointment at the NOK and lunch

It started on Wednesday with an appointment at the NOK in Hoogeveen, for a talk with the doctor and a weigh-in. We mainly talked about how difficult it is for me to take my food supplements because they make me really sick. She suggested taking the stomach protector twice a day to see if that would make it better, so I'm doing that now.

We also talked about the cramp/pain in my stomach area from the previous Thursday. I have to keep an eye on it and if it happens again, ask for an ultrasound. It may have been an attack of gallstones. Something that happens more often with these operations. That reassures me because it is manageable.

Unfortunately, because of all the corona measures, we did not have group sessions, so I did not see everyone in our group. Still, it was nice to see some of them! And since we (almost) all had to go to Hoogeveen anyway, we had planned to have lunch together in the open air somewhere.
A very nice idea, but do you remember what the weather was like last Wednesday? The wettest day of the week! So it literally almost fell into the water....
One of us lives in Hoogeveen and offered to meet at her place, especially since it was only a small group that could stay. The four of us spent 2 hours chatting between bites of food!

Mother's Day weekend

Mijn moederdag weekend begon goed, ik werd op zaterdag al verrast met een hartvormige schaal met sushi omdat ik, volgens Kamala “een minimaagje heb en daar kan niet zoveel sushi in!”. Dus kon ik het verdelen over het hele weekend <3. Voor de lunch hebben we een pannenkoek gegeten bij Hans en Grietje in Zeewolde, ons buurmeisje was ook mee dus ze hebben lekker kunnen ravotten in de mooie heksentuin!
Vanmorgen werd ik gewekt met een dikke knuffel, een ontbijtkoekje met mijn voedingssupplementen en een mooie sleutelhanger met een gedicht erop. Om de dag af te sluiten met een barbecue bij mijn ouders in de tuin!

I am curious to see whether next week will also be a great week!

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  1. henk emons

    proud of my sweetheart

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    You have come a long way, Maringa. Proud of you!

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